Hi All

This is an appeal to all of our followers, players, coaches and supporters.

We get to start games again this weekend, but it is a lightyear away from what we are used to. The SFA & SAFA have distributed information to us, that we in turn are passing on to our club secretaries etc. Also anyone can view the return to football hub on the SFA website

This is a really challenging time, with very strict rules that MUST be followed if we want to continue going forward. It’s quite simple, we are being given a chance here that scares the Scottish Government and we MUST get things right, or we will lose the ability to play again, and thats the last thing we want.

Please stick to the rules.

NO DRESSING ROOMS.. Toilets should be available, but must follow guidelines of venue for use.. PLEASE..DO NOT URINATE IN AN OUTSIDE AREA


FOLLOW the procedures laid down by the club’s covid officers

If you are a coach/manager/first aider or a substitute, you must remain at a 2m distance from all others. The only exception to that is when you are actually playing. DO NOT ENTER THE FIELD OF PLAY without permission.. I know that will be tough, but we HAVE to do this if you want to play the game.

Car parks are not areas to watch the game, so again, please no spectators.

Lets firstly enjoy football being back, but every single one of us is responsible to ensure we get it to stay