League launch appeal to help young Chad

The league have launched an appeal to its clubs to help 5year old Chad Jones. East Kilbride born Chad has been diagnosed with Ewings cancer, and sadly it has only a 50-50 chance of survival. With this happening just 7 weeks from Christmas, and with Chad having relatives in the league, we seek to raise some funds for Chad and his family to help them through such an awful trauma.
The league will be donating their charity takings from some Cup final gate receipts but have also asked the member clubs to help.
Match Secretary Craig Burton said, “This is the very sort of event that we choose to support with our league charity fundraising, but this wee guy needs our help, so we decided to ask our clubs to help. We strive as a league to not only support our sport, but help those in need that have an affiliation to us”.
Clubs are asked to make donations to the league directly, who will then transfer the funds as a whole from the SSMAFL Family.
Craig also advised that the leagues referees were also contributing to the cause, and we thank them as well.#ssmafltotalfamily