Annual General Meeting rings the changes

The league held its 2021-22 AM at Glasgow Green on Monday 6th June
League Secretary praised clubs for surviving a harrowing season, and they all deserved huge credit, which was also backed up by retiring Match Secretary Craig Burton
The main part of the meeting dealt with the sad demise of the GDSMFL, which has seen many clubs without a home. The vast majority had applied to join the league and member clubs fully supported this move, which now brings our club total up to 72
All the new clubs are greatly welcome in joining us.
Clubs were updated on the new structure for divisions next season, and also major changes to cup competitions, again, fully supported by the members.
The members also approved all nominations to the new office bearers and executive committee, which can be viewed on our contacts age
The draw for the Cutting Edge Champions Cup group sections were held, and matches for this will start on Sat 30th July